Club Decline in the US

Club decline is real. Very Few Clubs Across the United States will make it.

By Sean Taylor, CEO

Numerous clubs have called to solicit our help!  We can only accept a limited number of new clients per year to help but decided to offer a few free consultation calls to accommodate the demand. If you think your club could use our help, what is holding you back to find out what an independent expert thinks of your operation?

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With only 15% of clubs across America completely financially sound, and another 15% out of business within the year leaving the remaining 70% of clubs barely making it. All it takes is a lousy golf season, terrible weather pattern, wrong management decisions, a few poor experiences to move a portion of the 70% into the lower 15%.

  • What is your plan to get into the top 15%?
  • How can you improve if you don’t know what you need to improve?
  • How are you measuring up?

Fresh eyes see clearly. Let us take a look at your challenges with a free consultation.

Are your teams executing what you want them to do? Are your properties performing at the level you desire? Would you like to discuss your challenges?

We have turned around numerous properties and will be happy to lend an ear, a fresh set of eyes, and some advice. We’ve seen almost everything, here’s a case study about a failing club and here’s one about a foreclosed club.

We love this business! Helping other clubs is the least we could do.

Looking forward to talking with you,

Sean Taylor


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