5 Pandemic Wedding Planning Tips

It’s been over a year since COVID came onto our radars, and some days it feels like it might never end. Despite the pandemic, couples are still getting engaged and planning weddings. We all need something to look forward to […]

Golf Management Consultants

Operating a Golf Club or Course is a tricky business. A golf management company, like Up to Par Management, is often times the answer for owners or Boards of Directors who are looking for full golf club management. Sometimes not. Sometimes, […]

We are Different from Other Golf Management Companies

Unlike other golf management companies, making your club profitable is our business. Up to Par, with its Six Sigma processes and daily operating procedures, ensures that we are always focused on delivering positive financial results for our clients. Through our […]

The 30-15-5 Hospitality Rule

The 30-15-5 Hospitality Rule has been interpreted in many ways by many different companies. Some do a 15-5-3, some do 30-10-5. Whichever way it is interpreted, it sets the tone for how associates should interact with members, guests, and each other. […]

Optimizing Food and Beverage Operations

Why do we focus on optimizing food and beverage operations? Well, because everyone eats! The food and beverage department drives your marketing, drives your appeal, and drives your cash flow during times of the year that golf and other amenities […]

Optimizing Agronomy Plans

Optimizing agronomy plans and operations is one of our most requested services. Check the checker. One of the first questions we ask is: “Who is checking the checker at your club?” Too many times we hear “can’t you do it […]

Driving Hotel Profitability

When it comes to driving hotel profitability, first thing first – do you have a plan? Often times we are dealing with owners who are always in reactionary mode. They might understand their town/city; however, they are not completely in […]

Top 3 Profitability Factors in Food and Beverage

Profitability in food and beverage is a numbers game, and we specialize in operating food and beverage establishments, whether standalone or as part of a hotel, for profit. A property’s food and beverage operation is a fundamental element of the […]

Fiscal Management in Hospitality

Fiscal management translates to responsibility at Up to Par. Responsibility = Transparency in everything that we do. It is the clients’ and investors’ MONEY and we take this awesome responsibility extremely seriously. We are charged to manage this capital and […]