The 30-15-5 Hospitality Rule

The 30-15-5 Hospitality Rule has been interpreted in many ways by many different companies.

Some do a 15-5-3, some do 30-10-5. Whichever way it is interpreted, it sets the tone for how associates should interact with members, guests, and each other.

What is the Up to Par Way?
It is living up to our core purpose of positively impacting others – members, guests, associates, ALL.
It is getting the basics right.

30-15-5 Rule | The Up to Par Way

How do you train your staff to follow the basic hospitality rules?
Do you have different rules for each department?

The Up to Par Way is also discussed in a white paper highlighting The 5 Aspects of Making Your Club Profitable. You can request a download by clicking here.

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