Driving Hotel Profitability

When it comes to driving hotel profitability, first thing first – do you have a plan?
Often times we are dealing with owners who are always in reactionary mode. They might understand their town/city; however, they are not completely in tune with the town.

Remember the top 5 reasons why people travel for leisure:

  1. visiting relatives
  2. shopping
  3. visiting friends
  4. fine dining
  5. rural sightseeing

To effectively market your property, as we mentioned in Three Keys to Driving Hotel Revenue, you have to differentiate yourself from everyone else in the crowded marketplace.

Additionally, you must get the basics down solid! What are the basics? Glad you asked:

  • Look at the year as a whole. Part of your responsibility is to promote travel to your location!
  • Marketing to locals is vital to capture all the traveling relatives.
  • Promote shopping close to your property! Do some cross-marketing with your business neighbors.
  • Fine dining – an outstanding restaurant differentiates your property from the rest!
  • Ensure your listings are up to date on all available channels – there‚Äôs more than five. Trust us!
  • Group business is a must. Your sales team must be assertive with their relationship building regardless of the industry.

These are some simple sales and marketing strategies to help you drive your hotel to profitability! If you need help
please do not hesitate to call us at 540-464-4653.

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