Fiscal Management in Hospitality

Fiscal management translates to responsibility at Up to Par.

Responsibility = Transparency in everything that we do.

It is the clients’ and investors’ MONEY and we take this awesome responsibility extremely seriously. We are charged to manage this capital and do so with tremendous honor.  Up to Par Management and Taylor Hospitality offer complete fiscal management services including monthly P&L and balance sheet reporting.

Measure what you treasure.

Fiscal Management includes daily dashboard email to all department managers so they know the current standing.

In our restaurants, we are always evaluating and adjusting to maximize profitability and guest experience. Daily our food and beverage report on overall service of the day segmented into breakfast, lunch, dinner along with the number of covers, food, beer, wine, and liquor sales. We can track all of the sales promotions and financial impact of our marketing campaign.

Expenses are controlled through the budget and purchase order process. We’ve identified purchasing thresholds in which our management team must have additional management support to purchase. We always say – “if you owned the place would you need it?” On the other hand, it is always a balance when it comes to guest resolution; therefore, we train and allow our associates to do the right thing.

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