Golf Consulting

A Golf Consulting agreement is the best option for those clubs or courses not ready for a full golf management immersion.

How does a Golf Consulting agreement work?

Here’s a high-level summary of the steps included in a Golf Consulting agreement:

  1. Club or course contacts Up to Par and we meet to learn more about the challenges.
  2. We present a Scope of Work proposal to the board/ownership and discuss.
  3. The contract is negotiated and signed.
  4. Up to Par analyzes every facet of the operation (within contracted limits).
  5. Consulting report is delivered and discussed.

Do you have an example?

Sure, here’s what we did for a recent consulting client:

XYZ Community Association – TX 
XYZ is unequivocally unique in its opportunities and challenges. As an active adult community Golf Operations, it generates a significant number of rounds. We analyzed every facet of the golf operation and focused on several key areas, which over the course of time, would produce a significant profit for the community. Our goal was to provide a pathway for profitability so that XYZ Community would not have to subsidize the golf and club operations once it acquired full ownership in the next 8 years.

Up To Par’s consulting report included:

  • A comprehensive review of Golf Operations and suggestions on expense savings
  • National and Regional price benchmarking and recommendations
  • Marketing and advertising recommendations
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Review of tee time distribution procedures and optimization recommendations
  • Review of existing financial reports and recommendations for new formats, budgets, monthly reporting
  • Operating Plan

Our plan preserves the XYZ workforce while not detracting from the golfing product. In addition, our operating plan generates a fully funded capital replacement plan for future years. The golf course could generate additional funds back to the community that could be allocated to priorities once the capital plan is fully funded. Currently, since depreciation is not allocated to the golf operations the capital plan is funded through other means. In our plan, the golf course operation provides enough profitability to invest back into the golf courses without any homeowner assessments.

If you are interested in our Golf Consulting services, please give us a call at 540-464-4653.

If your Golf Club is part of a Homeowner’s Association, perhaps our ONE Source Partnership with Associa is the right fit for you! Associa and Up to Par Management have joined forces to deliver positive financial results and exceptional experiences to owners and developers, along with homeowners, members, and guests. ONE Source Partnership offers communities a one-stop solution for all their needs. For more information and to receive a FREE consultation, please click here.