All Golf Management Companies Are Different. There, we said it.

Golf Management Companies are very different. Some are focused on growing grass, some on growing dues, but very, very few, are focused on delivering exceptional experiences. When it comes to a golf management company, here’s how we define an exceptional experience:

  • Every member/customer is happy with the total golf experience, from booking the tee-time to the after-round beverage
  • The course in the best possible shape with the available resources
  • The labor dollars are being allocated properly
  • There is an active sales plan instead of just waiting for the phone to ring
  • There are more accolades than complaints about the property
  • There’s money in the bank, debts are being serviced, and there is a plan to profitability

So before you select a Golf Management Companies ask the hard questions. Ask about how they ensure customer satisfaction. Ask how they optimize the total golf experience. Ask about the company’s purpose and examples of how the live up to it.

In fact, here is our purpose: Up to Par Management delivers positive financial results and exceptional experiences. And we live up to it when we are contracted for golf course or country club management companies, club and golf operations, or golf course or country club consulting.

If your Golf Club is part of a Homeowner’s Association, perhaps our ONE Source Partnership with Associa is the right fit for you! Associa and Up to Par Management have joined forces to deliver positive financial results and exceptional experiences to owners and developers, along with homeowners, members, and guests. ONE Source Partnership offers communities a one-stop solution for all their needs. For more information and to receive a FREE consultation, please click here.

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