Golf Management Consultants

Operating a Golf Club or Course is a tricky business. A golf management company, like Up to Par Management, is often times the answer for owners or Boards of Directors who are looking for full golf club management. Sometimes not. Sometimes, a Club may have the right answers for a large chunk of their business but continues to struggle in other aspects. This is where golf club consulting comes in; offering an a la carte menu for Clubs to be able to utilize the professional expertise on an as-needed basis rather than a full suite of services.

Whether full management or golf management consulting, it’s often a tough decision for a property’s decision makers to go down that path. Folks are skeptical, I think largely due to the fact the game of golf is so steeped in tradition, etiquette, and formality that, not surprisingly, the Management of many, if not most golf operations follow the same traditional approach to golf course management and are by nature opposed to golf management consultants. The perceived threat that golf management consulting presents to incumbent General Managers, Golf Professionals, and other staff members, is also a real concern. Golf Management Companies

So often, the perception of a Club’s decision maker(s) engaging golf management consultants is that the current Management is not performing and therefore, the governing body looking to make a change. Many times, however, the decision makers are looking for a new perspective or perhaps a specialty that their current managers may not possess but something that could be handled by bringing in experts to provide golf management consulting for a specific aspect such as sales or marketing, budgeting, maintenance programs, or food and beverage. Golf club consulting is a means for a Club to tap the experience and intellect of a professional firm without having to make a long-term commitment to a full management contract. It’s also a short-term, affordable way for a Club to “test drive” to see if golf operations consulting or golf operations management is the right fit for their property. You can read more about our management services here, and our consulting services here.

The golf industry has gone through such a dramatic metamorphosis over the past two decades that every Club in America should be fighting for its share of the declining available rounds of golf or members. It is the duty of the stewards of each property to look at every avenue of attracting more people, finding more efficient ways to operate and to be open to ALL new ideas, including perhaps Golf Operations consulting. White paper of Up to Par way of thinking.

At Up to Par Management, our group of golf management consultants bring a fresh perspective to finding ways to improve golf course operations by examining how to exploit opportunities for operations efficiency, conducting detailed analysis of membership composition to find gaps and opportunities for new or redefined offerings, out of the box marketing campaigns and sales approach, profitable club food & beverage expertise, utilization of new technologies for incremental and group revenue generation and much more through a collaborative discussions and brainstorming sessions to find the right solutions for each of our clients.

A good example of our thinking process can be found on our 5 Critical Aspects to Make Your Club Profitable white paper – you can request it here.

Golf course management consulting may be the answer for any club looking to improve its bottom line or to stabilize its operations for the long term. Up to Par is the right group of golf management consultants to deliver positive results.

If your Golf Club is part of a Homeowner’s Association, perhaps our ONE Source Partnership with Associa is the right fit for you! Associa and Up to Par Management have joined forces to deliver positive financial results and exceptional experiences to owners and developers, along with homeowners, members, and guests. ONE Source Partnership offers communities a one-stop solution for all their needs. For more information and to receive a FREE consultation, please click here.

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