Hotel Operations Basics – Part 1

Hotel operations are a complex system of gears that start BEFORE the guests arrive. Here are three basics you need to master before check-in:

Front Desk Operations

Exceeding the guest’s expectations begins prior to the guest arriving at the property. Our Guest Service Team communicates to the guest to inform them of all the amenities available at the property and make arrangements to make their stay more enjoyable.

Managing the ever-changing room portfolio is vital at the Front Desk Operations. Our team immerses itself in all details of the property to exceed the guest’s needs. Our Front Desk is responsible for supplying guests with information when needed.  Guests and owners look to us for knowledge as they are in a new environment and need information. It is our job to become knowledgeable about the property to provide the best service to our guests. We are one of the guests first contacts with the hotel. As Front Desk Agents, we are encouraged and trained to give courteous and friendly service to every guest, every day, during every stay. The Front Desk is the most visible department in the hotel, with the greatest amount of guest contact. This command and control center is where guests check in, check out, drop off mail, ask questions, request wake-up calls, ask for directions, and much more.

Yield Room Revenue Management

Our sales management team is fully absorbed into driving revenue to benefit our owners. We use a combination of yield management systems to maintain the highest possible rate while driving room revenue volume. The sales management team meets weekly to discuss the 120, 90, 60, 30-day booking windows. This yield management meeting coordinating with the marketing plan drives the highest possible occupancy and ADR.

We are vigilant with our sales and marketing efforts to deliver positive financial results. We believe in Revenue before Cost. An outstanding experience far surpasses a below market deal.

GDS – Global Distribution System

The global distribution system (GDS) that we collaborate with is the world’s largest travel marketplace. This GDS is the primary source of travel and transportation information for more than 425,000 travel agents, major travel suppliers, Fortune 200 companies and OTAs (online travel agencies) around the globe. Taylor Hospitality through our GDS partner brings our properties the highest-volume, highest-yield guests. Additionally, our GDS partner provides us with unlimited merchandising and marketing opportunities, and smart business solutions.

Our OTA partners provide resources simply unavailable to most hoteliers. We view our OTAs as more than distribution channels, but also another opportunity to extend the marketing reach.  Our OTA partners offer Taylor Hospitality and our clients much more than a distribution channel, it offers value to guests at all stages of the selection process: problem recognition, information search, evaluation of alternatives, purchase decision, purchase, and post-purchase evaluation.

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