Hotel Operations Basics – Part 2

Hotel operations begin during the booking process, continue during check-in, and are solidified during the stay. Here are two hotel operations basics you have to get right:

Housekeeping Operations

Housekeeping is more than clean! It is critical to building trust with every guest. They are trusting us with their vacations – our guests work hard to be able to stay with us and we are honored that they selected a Taylor Hospitality property. It is our duty to fulfill their desires. Cleanness is the mainstay of all hotel operations.

What do great managers do differently? They fully communicate the purpose of every team member’s position and how it relates to the overall success of the property. All our housekeepers are fully aware of their important position within the organization. Not only does housekeeping have ample guest interaction but they impact EVERY guest on the property – more than any other associate.

Outdoor Veranda at our downtown Lexington, Va. Hotel
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Facilities and Risk Management

We take safety extremely seriously. Not only the safety of the guests but also the liability of operating a business. Our Director of Safety evaluates all potential concerns and formulates a plan to mitigate any potential safety concerns. We work with all the state and federal agencies to ensure that all our guests, associates, and homeowners are safe and protected.

To operate a hotel, numerous regulations including fire and safety systems, telephone systems, fire and suppression systems within food and beverage, lighting, security systems, and key lock systems must be maintained and managed to remain compliant.

We work with our insurance adjusters to identify potential safety and risk hazards to mitigate associates workers’ compensation claims and guest claims. These ongoing evaluations allow us not only to address risk topics but also to reduce our insurance spending.  

Maintaining the physical plant is essential not only to our clients, as this is their asset but also to our guests’ satisfaction. Our engineering team ensures items are fixed in a timely, accurate, and efficient manner.

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