Optimizing Agronomy Plans

Optimizing agronomy plans and operations is one of our most requested services.

Check the checker.

One of the first questions we ask is: “Who is checking the checker at your club?” Too many times we hear “can’t you do it for less? Our golf course superintendent saves us a ton of money,” and yet we find that all the chemicals are pre-purchased and no one at the club ever takes the time to conduct an inventory. No wonder the board decides to bring us in to help…

Inventory must be completed.

Why is your purchasing based on the prediction of what you may or may not need throughout the year? Does the superintendent know that a cool spell is coming through the third week of June and that he can extend his existing inventory for another $7K spray?

Every time you see the spray tank out on the golf course think of the $5-7K in chemicals that are being applied. Are the club’s resources being properly allocated?

Has anyone built a labor matrix and compared the hours of operation to the staffing plan?

At Up to Par, we evaluate the “smoke and mirrors of maintenance.” Eventually, you must come out from behind the curtain.

This exercise alone will clearly highlight whether you need to be spending more on golf course maintenance or if there is an opportunity for savings. It is common for us to uncover $100,000+ in operational savings that do not affect the condition of the Golf Course Operations.

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At Up to Par, our team of experts takes an in-depth look at operations to find out why is the club not profitable. From labor models and agronomy plans, to banquet sales and demographic studies, our team has seen and conquered the toughest situations to ensure a club’s survival.

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