How great do you want to be today?  Are you doing everything that is possible to be the best version of you today? What example are you setting for your family, colleagues, today? Are you doing the right thing… today? If not today, when? Why not today, because it’s Monday? What are you doing today that is going to help you become better tomorrow? Significant questions to ask yourself… Today!


All of us go to work each day, sometimes on autopilot and lose the opportunity to improve and challenge ourselves to an awesome life. A life that is full of gratitude, laughter, joy, and challenge. It is your choice… no one else but you. Looking externally is a temporary fix, examine internally and see what you can be grateful for. Right next to you at work is a wonderful story, a book of life, do you know their story? Do you know their challenges, trials, and tribulations? If not, why? What do you have to lose to open up?

All our associates spend a tremendous amount of with each other and our guests, why not take advantage and be the beacon of hope and joy to your colleagues, travelers, guests, and members. I firmly believe that what you put out there is what you receive in return. Our business / life is built on servitude, one of operational excellence in service whether it is internally or externally – why be average when you can choose to be exceptional in everything you do. It is your duty and responsibility not only to yourself but also to your family, colleagues, guests, and members to be exceptional.

Thank you for all your incredible work that you do each raising the standards for Up To Par. I appreciate all the little and big things that you do daily.