Top 5 Social Media Rules for Resort Marketing

Social media (also known as a double-edged sword) is one of the most important avenues in marketing your resort and getting people in the door.

By Morgan Breeden, Marketing and Communications Manager

Managed correctly, social media can be valuable for resort business. Managed not so correctly? A waste of time. So, we’ve pulled our top 5 social media rules to follow in resort marketing and we feel sure if you stick by these, your current and future guests will in return stick by you.


  • Know your audience. Before you can build a social network of followers, you must have a sense of who would be interested in what your resort offers. If your top seller in resort activities is golf, then interacting with an audience of followers who enjoy golfing might be a good place to start.


  • Protect your brand. Be consistent and reliable. All resorts are different in their own way, but once you know who you are, you also know who you aren’t. Is what you’re posting a good reflection of who you are as a resort? If your resort stands by offering an experience that is always family-friendly for all ages, then they’ll expect something to do for everyone of all ages when they arrive.


  • Quality over quantity. Always remember, it’s better to have a thousand followers you interact with daily than a thousand followers who were never engaged in the first place. We live in a time where the internet is questionable and legitimate social media profiles are debatable, so it’s easy to get carried away with how many followers, likes, and shares someone has. We want to add value to our followers’ lives, show them what we have to offer, and build relationships with them in the hope of eventually welcoming them into our doors.


  • Interact with your followers. The worst thing you can do after posting something is to disappear afterward. A follower’s first interaction with you could be on your social media account. If you’re not responding to questions or communicating, you could be turning away potential guests, and let’s face it… you’re just shooting yourself in the foot then.


  • Be creative and have fun with it! Don’t be afraid to switch it up a bit. Everyone loves a good scenic picture, but why not incorporate a few videos, or share some pictures you’ve been tagged in. It’s important to stay consistent with your posts, but stepping out of the box and giving your followers a reason to share your posts will benefit you in the long run by increasing brand awareness and bringing families to your resort.  



About the author:

Morgan is a marketing and communications specializing in resort properties for Up to Par. She is a huge advocate for quality over quantity and delivering exceptional customer service through social channels. Her photos have been featured in magazines, websites, and multiple Instagram accounts throughout the state of Virginia.