Our Team

Senior Leadership Team

Sean Taylor – Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Sean is a dedicated resort operations leader and PGA member with more than 20 years of experience. He has a clear understanding that service is the cornerstone of club/resort operations and his leadership philosophy is centered on exceeding the needs of the guests and members while driving superior financial performance.
He founded Taylor Hospitality and Up to Par Management after identifying a market need for solutions-oriented business practices. Sean focuses on optimizing property-wide processes with Six Sigma initiatives as well as enhancing associate engagement through management training programs.

Debbie Knick – Director of Finance and Human Resources
Debbie is an experienced accounting professional with over 25 years of experience. Her strong analytical and problem-solving skills paired with an adaptable work ethic, allow her to tackle everything from daily financial transactions to analyzing an organization’s financials. Her ability to quickly learn new software and troubleshoot computer and network issues make her indispensable when onboarding new properties.

Shaun Fronk – Director of Operations
Shaun is a PGA member with more than 12 years of experience in the club and resort arena. His management philosophy is focused on the needs of members, guests, and associates. Shaun is a process-oriented manager who is extremely good at meticulously analyzing and implementing changes to operations.

Jeff Karlstrand – Director of Agronomy and Safety
Jeff has 35 years of experience in the golf maintenance field. He has worked at a variety of properties along the East Coast with varying budgets and needs. He has managed numerous remodeling projects and hosted 17 professional events. He has the ability to analyze course conditions and needs and formulate a maintenance plan that works within budget constraints.

Natalia Contreras – Director of Marketing
Natalia is a marketing and communications professional with a dozen years of experience. She’s dedicated to developing, refining, and implementing brand strategy, creative services, and marketing communications. Natalia works closely with marketing, sales and operations teams to ensure brand positioning and marketing is executed properly through all the marketing channels for both our clients and corporate level.

Gregory Krepps – Director of Hospitality
Greg has over 20 years of experience in food service, with a degree in Culinary Arts. His expertise includes managing kitchens, dining rooms and catering staffs, menu development, purchasing, calculating food cost, maintaining monthly and yearly budgets and analyzing potential business opportunities.

Jason Wavell – Human Resources & Recruiting Manager
Jason supports business needs and ensures the proper implementation of company strategy and objectives. He drives business success through job design, recruitment, performance management, training and development, employment cycle changes, talent management, and facilities management services. Jason has positively impacted our recruitment and training programs throughout all of Up To Par / Taylor Hospitality.

Management Team

Morgan Mowbray – Business Development & Marketing Manager
Morgan is a marketing coordinator that drives leads for Up To Par / Taylor Hospitality and works to promote the company’s services and offerings to bring in more properties. She brings a strong background in social media trends and engagement, videography and photography, as well as design for printed media.

Alexis LaBerge – Marketing & Communications Manager
Alexis is a marketing and communications manager. She markets the hotel and restaurant properties for Taylor Hospitality. Her background includes communications, social media management, and sports media relations.

James Jones – Finance & Accounting Manager
James is a motivated and hardworking accountant and management professional with years of pregressively responsible experience. He is career-driven to achieve organizational success, both independently and in teams and works well under pressure in fast-paced working environments.

Jennifer Bise – Accounting & Human Resources Administration
Jennifer is an experienced finance professional and is skilled in negotiations, accounting, sales, team building, and fundraising. She plays a big part in the Up To Par family as she contributes through her accounting role and human resources.

Heritage Hunt Golf & Country Club Team

Virginian Dining Room | Marsh Mansion

Shaun Fronk – Director of Operations
Brian Baer – Director of Food & Beverage
David Morrison – Restaurant Manager
Paul Lombardi – Executive Chef
Rachael Cooper – Club Administrator
John Yancy – Head Golf Professional
Trudy Franklin – Golf Membership Director
Carey Bailey – Golf Course Superintendent
Cary Muirhead – Director of Sales
Nadia Durbin – Banquet Manager
Natalia Contreras – Director of Marketing
Jeff Karlstrand – Support Manager

Lexington Golf & Country Club Team

Tri-Brook Grill

Bret Garrison – General Manager
Bunyan Fortune – Executive Chef
Chance Hindbaugh – Food & Beverage Manager
Alexis LaBerge – Marketing & Communications Manager
Gloria Smith – Administrative Assistant
Debbie Knick – Director of Finance
Jeff Karlstrand – Golf Course Superintendent/Director of Agronomy
Sean Taylor – Support Manager

Raven Golf Club Team

Raven Grille

Mike Rogers – Golf Business Manager
Brian Brewbaker – Golf Course Superintendent
Morgan Mowbray – Marketing & Communications Manager
Natalia Contreras – Director of Marketing
Shaun Fronk – Support Manager

Robert E. Lee Hotel Team

Gregory Krepps – General Manager
Joseph Mannino – Assistant General Manager
Alexis LaBerge – Marketing & Communications Manager
Sean Taylor – Support Manager

Rocca Bar Ristorante Team

Gregory Krepps – General Manager
Food & Beverage Manager – Dan Johnson
Alexis LaBerge – Marketing & Communications Manager
Sean Taylor – Support Manager

Sheridan Livery Inn Team

Sheridan Livery Restaurant

Pina Decanini – Assistant General Manager
Terry Gebhart – Food & Beverage Manager
Alexis LaBerge – Marketing & Communications Manager
Sean Taylor – Support Manager

Regency at Dominion Valley

Heather Aits – Food & Beverage Manager
Kiela Hall – Assistant Food & Beverage Manager
Jeff Stobo – Executive Chef
Morgan Mowbray – Marketing & Communications Manager
Cassidy Barnett – Director of Sales
Jennifer Villatoro – Event Coordinator
Shaun Fronk – Support Manager

The Berry Hill Resort & Conference Center

Steven Ouellette – General Manager
Kara Birkenfeld – Director of Sales
Desma Davis – Hotel Operations Manager
Sandra Wright – Spa Manager
Darin Lee – Chef
Seray Crescenzo – Event Coordinator
Natalia Contreras – Director of Marketing
Greg Krepps – Director of Hospitality
Sean Taylor – Support Manager