Consulting Services – Golf and Club Management Advice & Strategy

It’s ok to ask for help. Hospitality is a sometimes tricky business, and calling a few friends for pointers is always better than trying to fix the roof while treading water. Clichés aside, we offer consulting services for clubs, golf courses, restaurants, and hotels that don’t want or need a management company to be on-site everyday. 

When you call us, we will immerse ourselves in your property’s culture, evaluate the total experience, and see how you measure the results. Once we complete the evaluation, we’ll help you find opportunities to reduce expenses, increase sales, streamline processes, implement a cohesive marketing plan, right-size your programming and retail offerings, and, most importantly, live within your means. Our Golf Club consulting services break down into six different areas:
1. Business Analysis
A. Operations Review and Planning

  • Department Head Interviews
  • Organizational Chart Recommendations, Job Descriptions
  • Financial Reporting Analysis & Recommendations
  • Yield Management (Golf)
  • Measurable Objectives

B. Point of Sale Systems Review (Golf, Food & Beverage, Hotel)

2. Analysis and Objectives

  • Competitive Analysis
  • Historical Data
  • Industry Comparable Analysis

3. Comprehensive Turf Care Analysis and Programming Recommendations

4. Comprehensive Sales & Marketing Analysis and Strategy

5. Comprehensive Membership Analysis and Recommendations (Clubs)

  • Demographic Analysis
  • Current Membership Roster Analysis
  • Pricing Structure & Classification Analysis

6. Management Oversight with Regular Visits and Scheduled Weekly Conference Calls

Not sure if consulting is right for your property? Please visit out Golf Operations and Club Operations pages to learn more about our complete management solutions.