Golf Operations Management With Proven Results

Golf Operations and the golf industry in general, have drastically changed in the last 10 years. With nearly eight million fewer golfers hitting the course, managing successful golf operations depend on many factors. Our proven golf operations focus on excellent course conditions, quality programming, and revenue-generating through sales of tournaments and outings.

We know that after Golf Operations, the golf course is often the center of the club and must appeal to every type of golfer, from veterans to families, seniors, and more. As we immerse ourselves in your golf culture, we evaluate the total golf experience from scheduling a tee time to returning the golf cart and everything in between. Our goal is to combine our impressions of your course, pro shop and club with historical data about total golf rounds, when those rounds were played, and the revenue from events hosted.

This data helps us determine opportunities to reduce expenses, expand event sales, streamline processes, the type of round being played, when your members and guests spend the most time on the course, and how we can match these preferences with expanded programming and retail offerings, and adjusted course hours.

Up to Par also offers a dedicated sales representative to facilitate external tournaments, group outings, corporate memberships and other opportunities for revenue. We can also help you manage your club operations, golf operations click here to see how.

To see a glimpse of what Up to Par can do for your golf operations, explore our portfolio:

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