Up to Par Management and Taylor Hospitality Launch UTP Recruitment, a New Recruitment Solution for the Hospitality Industry

Up to Par Recruitment

Innovative Staffing and HR Solutions for Hotels, Clubs, Golf Courses, and Event Venues.

Up to Par Management, a longtime provider of management and operations solutions for the hospitality industry has expanded its human resources and consulting operation to include Up to Par Recruitment, created to meet the ongoing challenges of businesses struggling to recruit and retain qualified and loyal employees.

“We have identified an absolute need in the marketplace. Attracting the best team members is vital to the success of our business as well as any other hospitality business,” says Founder and CEO, Sean Taylor. “To preserve your hospitality business and grow it requires the best in the field, and as we have scaled over the years we have developed a database of “A” players that would love new and exciting hospitality opportunities.”

Up To Par’s new recruitment division offers total hospitality recruitment for hotels, restaurants, bars, country clubs, and resorts.“Our innovative approach differs greatly from what most consider the more traditional staffing and RPO companies. With a focus on a single industry – hospitality, we understand the obvious and subtle needs of clients who depend on a guest-oriented workforce that is skilled and fits into a specific corporate culture,” says Jason Wavell, Director of Recruitment.

UTP Recruitment will recruit, vett, screen, assess, and recommend the best candidates.“We have an eighteen point process that quickly eliminates unqualified candidates and identifies those best suited for permanent employment. Businesses waste so much time and money in an effort to identify and secure qualified workers. We remove those burdens from their shoulders so they can place their focus on building a base of loyal and satisfied customers,” added Wavell.

In addition, UTP Recruitment can help hire an entire workforce. “We have a full selection of candidates who have proven themselves and are ready to move on to the next opportunity. This makes our direct placement services very attractive to any business seeking accomplished hospitality staff members from sales executives and food and beverage directors to golf professionals and banquet servers,” continues Taylor.

Although located in Virginia, Up to Par Management has a worldwide reach. Says Wavell, “after all, people from all over the globe come to the United States to work. These talented people often require additional scrutiny as prescribed in federal and state laws. Plus, our clients have operations in other countries, and we know what it takes to recruit and place workers in a legally compliant manner.”

For more information about the many services offered by Up to Par Recruitment, please contact Jason Wavell at 540-464-4653 or visit https://www.uptoparmanagement.com/utp-recruitment/

Up to Par Management
With clients representing all aspects of the hospitality industry, Up to Par Management has been providing customized business services to golf clubs, resorts, hotel properties, and event venues for more than twenty years. As a single-source solution for a wide variety of business needs, the company delivers positive financial results for owners, operators, property managers, and developers.

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Taylor Hospitality
Taylor Hospitality, LLC is a leading hospitality management company specializing in hotel, restaurant, banquet facilities, and bar operations. Currently, Taylor Hospitality is operating a combination of nine properties (hotels, restaurants, banquet facilities, and bars). Taylor Hospitality is a growth-oriented company providing opportunities for its partner properties and associates. Taylor Hospitality is an Up to Par Management company.

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